Mixing soaring harmonies with inventive acoustic jams, My Cousin Skinny brings energy, spontaneity and a great repertoire of songs to their live performances.  Cousins on their mommas’ sides, Mike Gloss and Jeff Simonton have been playing guitar and writing music together for more than twenty years.

They’ve played in four- and five-piece bands, traveling up and down the east coast, but for the past few years have gone back to their roots as an acoustic duo.

My Cousin Skinny blends jazz, folk, R&B and rock and aren’t afraid to let the energy of the performance and audience shape where the music goes. While many songs feature the bare essentials – guitars and vocals – they also incorporate percussion, a variety of effects, and looping (the layering and recorded playback of instruments) to create a “full band” sound.

Putting their own spin on covers from a variety of eras and genres, they hop from Outkast to The Police to Daft Punk to Phish to The Avett Brothers without skipping a beat. They also gravitate toward songs that are seldom heard: B-side beauties and hidden gems that you won’t hear many other musicians tackle – especially two guys with acoustic guitars.

They also have many original pieces, and you’ll likely hear at least a few of them each show. The result is performances full of spontaneity and fun.

  1. And I Love Her (acoustic cover) The Beatles 2:21