Old Praise for Our Original Band

Came across an old review for our very first band called “Into The Woods”.  Check it out below.

Into The Woods…

The future looks bright indeed for this talented four piece jam band from Central Pennsylvania. They have recently been taken on by a NYC management company and plan to begin playing at venues up and down the east coast. The goal of the band from the start has been to build a solid grass roots following, and by increasing exposure in new markets the name “Into The Woods” should begin to spread rapidly. Their music was recently highlighted at the 1998 Millennium Music Conference, which is a showcase of all the best regional bands. The band has been together since August of 96′, developing their unique blend of music, based on strong melodies and improvisation. If you get a chance to check them out live, we highly recommend it! For now, check out the sound clip of “Send Your Blue Skies” and be sure to visit their official site – “www.intothewoods.com.”

“Send Your Blue Skies is a tribute to staring all your troubles in the face and laughing at them. It’s like being thrown headfirst off a 10,000 foot cliff and laughing. Like being surrounded by half-starved sharks in the middle of the ocean, and laughing. It’s like….well you get the point. We plan to be laughing till we die.” – Into The Woods Don’t delay, order your copy of Into The Woods’ cd today! You can join the mailing list and become one of the growing number of Woodsfolk by e-mailing your name, address, and e-mail address.

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